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When you’re looking to buy something above and beyond the ordinary, something you can be proud of owning, and are not willing to settle for less than exactly what you want Noëlle at Bedroom Bondage is undoubtedly the first person I would ask, and the first person I would buy from.


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The customer service is impeccable, and Noëlle made me feel like we had been friends for years. She was ever so kind when answering my questions and the quality of the product I bought was nothing short of outstanding. I will definitely refer people to this website, and I’ll shop here again.



Noëlle truly went the extra mile: she gave me sneak previews on upcoming collections and provided me with detailed information whenever I needed it. After many e-mails back and forth I felt I made the perfect decision — she has won me a million times over as a returning customer.

Tyler DeAngelis

United States


There are two things I thoroughly enjoy. One of them is personally assisting discerning people like yourself in finding something that is not only exquisite, but also suits their specific needs. The other is helping talented independent designers grow their businesses (so they can make a living doing what they truly love). Together with my wish to educate people on everything kink, these passions have seamlessly blended together — in the form of Bedroom Bondage.

Whenever you decide to contact me, I will give you my undivided attention and answer any questions you have to the fullest of my capabilities. My priority is to ensure you have an excellent experience whenever you approach me, whether it’s for pre- or post-sales questions or for lifestyle advise.


Taking Care of your Latex Garments

Latex garments can truly last for decades… read this carefully, apply your newly-gained knowledge, and you’ll enjoy your latex garments for many years to come!

Keeping your Butt Plug in Place

Incorrect size, flawed design or lack of anal training… what causes a butt plug to slip out (and more importantly, how do you prevent yours from doing so)?

How to Choose & Use a Safeword

Using a safeword is a clear and easy-to-understand way to ensure emotional & physical well-being of play partners involved in a BDSM scene.

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